Radio Equipment testing

Radio equipment needs to comply with the R&TTE directive (99/5/EC) and soon with the RED 2014/53/EC) directive. The R&TTE directive has been withdrawn, and cannot be used after june 2017, on which date the RED directive will replace it. At this very moment (sept 2016) insufficient harmonized standards have been published to use the RED for most equipment. This puts you in the uncomfortable situation to use or a Notified Body, or approve to the R&TTE directive and upgrade to the RED in 2017. For most radio the technical differences will not be that spectacular, but mainly administrative. However, due to the changed scope your product may require additional testing.

RED directive


Radio testing


In addition to the EMC requirement (EMCD) and Electrical safety requirements (LVD) that are mandatory for the RED, we also provide testing services for radio services. At this moment our services are limited to


Short range devices

Short range devices are wireless communication devices for use with low-power and/of low distance, both transmitter and receivers, most often applied in telemetry systems.



Other equipment

There are many radio equipment type that may be tested and approved by ce-test, contact us using the contact button (lower left on this site) for our possibilities.