The New R&TTE directive

The R&TTE directive currently is under review.

Several aspects will be changed, with the goal of increased acceptance and confidence in the EC regulations by reducing administrative burden for manufacturers and authorities.


The RED (Radio Equipment directive 2014/53/EC)

The radio equipment directive has come into force last june 16th 2016. Until June 17th 2017 both R&TTE and RED will be available for most radio equipment (although the scopes are different), but per 2017 the RTTE directive will be fully withdrawn, and only the RED remains.

The difference in scope are:

Especially the full coverage of all receivers (even if receive only) has a huge impact on the approval market.

Problems is however, that not sufficient harmonized standards are currently available.


Article 3.2 of the RED

Article 3.2 is the article that covers the assessment of efficient use of the spectrum. While in the past this was applicable to transmitters/receiver combinations only within the new RED all receivers will be part. The idea is that for efficient use of the spectrum, also good receivers are needed. FM receivers need to perform well next to a 2W cellular phone of a 4G LTE internet connection. Bad quality receivers do imply a smaller transmitter range with the same power, or would give rise to the need of high(er) power transmitters for the same coverage. Which in turn would create larger areas of interference on bad receiver close to transmitters.





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