True Type Font file containing symbols according to EN 980:2008

EN 980:2008 has been superseded by EN 15223-1:2012 on January 31, 2013

EN-980:2008 symbols and ce-mark

Medical (Device) Symbols

If your company manufactures medical devices, medicines or medical related equipment, you will definitely need the above symbols for your labeling products in Europe. By applying these harmonized symbols you need no further textual explanation on the (packaging of your) product.

The Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EC has designated EN 980:2008 as the standard providing symbols for all medical devices. The symbols from the standard may be used on equipment without textual explanation.

Legal Status in Europe

The Medical Devices Directive has designated EN 980:2008 the standard providing specific symbols for all medical devices. The symbols from the standard may be used on equipment without textual explanation.

The standard EN 980:2008 is listed in the latest list of harmonized standards under the MDD in the EC (C262/6 : 8-30-2012) , and is therefore the only standard that can be used on your Declaration of Conformity for symbolic references on equipment.

Using the symbols

Now you have purchased the standard just to discover that the symbols reproduced are of such bad quality that you cannot decently reproduce them for use on your product. Of course, most symbols are simple and relatively easy to draw; but drawing is not your primary job, and you have a schedule to meet:

Manuals, safety recommendations and type plates need to be completed today, no yesterday !

Quality symbols

Now your next challenge is to find a resource for good quality symbols. That's how you came to us and this is exactly where our font comes to help. This font allows you to quickly and easily reproduce all EN 980:2008 symbols in Word and any other windows software you have at any size you want to. You know that -when editing texts in Word-, the size of your characters is expressed  in points. By changing the point size, you can literally blow up each character to the size you need ! That is what you can do with our symbols too !

In literally five (5!) minutes from now you may have ordered, paid, downloaded and installed this font and will all these symbols be available in all your favorite Windows/Apple software. The same easy way as ordinary fonts such as Arial and Times Roman may be used. Our font contains all symbols from EN980:2008, so in the place where you normally would type a 'C', now the 'ce mark' is printed, and instead of a 'G' a 'sterile' symbol is printed.

Vector symbols versus bitmap fonts

Our medical symbol font was created using a professional drawing editor in vector format, using real scalable elements. This font can be used in drawing programs, text editors and presentation programs. You may select symbols in any available color, and even use them as a background in your  presentations. You can select sizes from 6 to 400 points or more if your software allows for!

Overview of the symbols in this font and how to display them (download PDF) ?

Available symbols

All symbols from the EN 980:2008 standard have been included (see image above):

  • ce-mark  ( used in most EC directives including MDD),
  • suitable numbers 0-9 (right size to use with temperature),
  • Do Not Reuse symbol,
  • Non sterile symbol,
  • Latex symbol,
  • Date of Manufacture symbol,
  • Batch code (LOT), 
  • Attention symbol,
  • Miscellaneous Sterilized symbols,
  • Use By symbol,
  • Use N-times symbol,
  • Biological Risk symbol,
  • EC-REP,
  • and more..


You may use our font to create lay-outs for :

  • Type designation plates,
  • User manuals,
  • Customs documentation,
  • Packing material and shipping boxes,
  • Safety manuals and Installation or Service manuals,
  • Advertisements,
  • Power Point Presentations,
  • in every Windows/Mac application !

Using the font

All symbols are easy to include by typing a suitable alphabetic symbol (for instance "C" = CE mark), and changing the font type to the required "mdden980:2008" font  (just as you would choose between "Arial" and "Times new Roman")

The symbols can be changed to any size without degradation as far as your software allows for,  just the way you change font size with ordinary characters.

This font is easy to order using our secure server, operated by SWREG .


This True Type Font is easy to install under Windows 95/98/2000/XP/VISTA and Windows 7/8 as well on every Apple computer, just purchase the right version.

  • Windows Users : Purchase the True Type Font version (TTF),
  • Apple users : Purchase the Open Type Font version (OTF)..

Order now !

Your order will be processed immediately and within minutes you will receive a download link by e-mail. Installation is easy and instructions are enclosed in the download kit.

Please note that order confirmation mails are sometimes treated as spam by your spam filter. Your download link should arrive very fast, and if not, look in your spam filter and/or notify your IT department. No worry however, if your confirmation mail got lost: we will provide unlimited support based on your order number (or other order details). Uncheck any "extended download services" in your cart: no need for it.


We recommend purchasing the Font file for EN 15223-1:2012 as EN980 has been withdrawn per 2013.


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True Type Font file with Medical Symbols according to EN 980:2008)

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