List of New Approach Directives

Let us help you to select the applicable directives and standards for your product.

The following list of directives exist per date of december 2012 :

The system of ce marking is governed by the ce marking directive 

All of these directives are of the so-called new approach type which means that their requirements are not expressed in terms of limits and tests to be performed, but in terms of:

Essential requirements

Essential requirements are not specific instructions. They describe instead the required result of the application of the directive in global terms. 
In the case of the EMC-directive this is done by stating that all equipment should be able to perform satisfactorily in their EM-environment. This means that requirements must be met for both EM-field emission , and equipment must satisfactorily operate in the presence of interference (or wanted field) from other equipment.
The details of limits and test methods are not within the new approach directives itself, but filled in by the market itself. All EC harmonized standards are based on publications from the IEC (International Electronic Committee) , CEN or ISO and adapted and/or modified by CENELEC, and translated by the member states to be used in the respective countries. Standardization Institutes in the member state take care of their translation and distribution.

What directives are applicable and what standards do I need ?

Its up to the manufacturer to identify the required applicable directives. For electronics (our working scope) the four mentioned below are often required, as well as the ROHSII directive.


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