EMC Directive

Legal aspects of EMI / EMC

Within the European community, EMI / EMC is part of the so called essential safety properties that every electronic or electronic device has to meet. These essential requirements are described / covered by the EMC directive.

The EMC-directive (2014/30/EEC)

The introduction of the ce mark has lead to a number of so-called New Approach directives, one of which is the EMC-directive.

The technical goal of this directive is two-way:

All this within the higher goal of preventing trade barriers between the member states of the European Community as introduced the treaty of Rome (1957).

The EMC directive is part of the Framework of New Approach Directives governed by the CE marking directive.

This (New Approach) means that the requirements to your equipment regarding EMC are described in global terms called "Essential Requirements", where the technical requirements are created and maintained  by the market -currently by mandate of the European Commission- and filled in by bodies such as ISO, IEC, CENELEC and ETSI, in the form of technical standards.

The assessment of compliance with the directive is being governed by two articles in the EMC-directive:

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