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ce-test approval work flow diagram (example) to ISO 17025

emc test flow diagram

EMI = Electromagnetic Interference

EMC = Electromagnetic Compatibility



Electromagnetic Compatibility

We perform full compliant EMI and EMC testing according to most  European Harmonized Standards.


European Union

Since in 1989 the European union launched the EMC directive (that became mandatory in 1996), EMC testing has evolved from simple Radiated Emission testing into a complete set of tests covering all ElectroMagnetic phenomena an electrical device may generate or be susceptible to. Since 1996 CENELEC CEN and ISO have been publishing European standards that consequently have been designated by the European Commission for inclusion in the list of "Harmonized Standards", governing the requirements to be met for electronics in residential and industrial environments. Since different types of equipment need to be more reliable than others product (group) specific standards have been written such as EN 55032 for IT and mulitmedia equipment. 


Standards evolutionemc/emi  test

These EMC standards evolute on a continuous basis. Some standards change almost never, while other standards are completely re-written (as is the case with EN 55032) and supersede old standards (EN 55022) all together. New standards take priority from their date of publishing over the older, even if equipment has been earlier approved to the older version. There is a continuous need to update the (EMC) performance of products to the latest harmonized standard.



We can help you in maintaining your product compliance at the required level.

ce-test, qualified testing bv has over 20 years experience in EMC testing to and beyond the standards. We have been known to solve touch problems in larger systems as well provide simple solutions for common problems. Our staff will make sure that you get what you need, at minimum costs.

Your choice

Whether you need the minimum legal requirements according to the standards, or full "due diligence" compliance, you make the decision. Get access to the EC market fast at minimum costs, or go fora "hardened" EMC compliant design that will prove itself within the upcoming years in the field: you decide.

EMC Testing Methods/services

EMC testing

EMC testing to Harmonized Product (group) standards

Let us help you in selecting the appropriate product standard for your equipment, and carry out your products emc asssement and tests so as to comply with the essential requirements of the directive.

EMC and Basic Standards

The so-called "Basic standards" are the basis of EMC testing. They describe the technical test set up, equipment to be used and calibration requirements for the essential test and suggest limit values to be selected by product committees for inclusion in product standards. A well known series of immunity (susceptibility) basic standards is the EN 61000-4-xx range ,enumerated below. Each part (up to 35 right now) describes an essential test phenomena and the associated test method. These standards are not suitable for compliance declarations, and are mainly used by test houses to create and maintain a typical test setup. You never should declare conformity to one of these standards on a EC Declaration of Conformity. Only a limited number are actually required for most CE immunity testing. (EN/IEC 61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,11)


LF conducted disturbances

LF radiated disturbances

HF conducted disturbances

HF radiated disturbances

Electrostatic discharges



EMC consults

The activities we may be of help to with:

Focus on reducing test time, test failures and test costs and so improve your time-to-market.

EMC laboratory

ce-test owns a fully equipped test lab with compliant EMC equipment for all tests. Our EMC test equipment is available permanently, as well as a fully equipped work bench for our clients, including all kind of (SMD) components, filters, gaskets and regular small electronic components.


Unlike many consultants that have to use the services of an external test laboratory, all our equipment is available full time. This saves you money and time. If required we can make minor modifications on your design to reach compatibility, that you can later implement in a final prototype.

Proprietary EMC requirements

Automotive Standards

EMC solutions

We may provide immunity solutions for 3 and 10, 30 V/m  and more for house hold and industrial applications and can test your equipment up to 200 V/m in specific frequency ranges that are known to cause problems. The introduction of terrestrial TV broadcasting brought us interference field strengths of 1 V/m allover the residential areas and much higher field strengths close to antenna base stations. New portable transmitters are expected in Europe in the former UHF band, now allocated to mobile radio.

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