EMC testing route to compliance

ce-test, qualified testing bv, are committed to providing the highest quality service and technical assistance in attaining compliance with proprietary, national, European or International standards and regulations.

Since in 1989 the european union launched the EMC directive (that became mandatory in 1996) emc testing has evolved from simple radiated emission testing into a complete set of test suites covering all phenomena an electrical device may generate or be susceptible to. In January of 1196 CENELEC has been publishing European standards that have been designated by the European Commision for inclusion in the list of Harmonized Standards, governing the requirements to be met for electronics in residential and industrial environments. Since different types of equipment have a need to be more reliable than others, such as medical device that monitors a patients vital signs compared to a home computer used for internet access, product specific standards have been written. emc/emi  test

The evolution of these standards is on going on a continual basis. Some changes to the standards may be relatively minor while other standards are completely re-written and supercede old standards all together. We will help you in maintaining your product compliance on a the required level.

We perform full compliant EMI and EMC tests according to most  European Harmonized Standards and many other standards.

EMC test methods

Let us help you in selecting the appropriate product standard for your equipment, as member of NEC/EMC we are way ahead of other labs and we can tell you years in advance if a new standard is coming you way and if you will have to meet new technical requirements.

EMC to Product standards

EMC to Basic Standards

Basic standards are the basis of EMC testing. They describe the technical test set up, equipment to be used and calibration requirements for the essential test and suggest limit values to be selected by product committees for inclusion in product standards. A well known series of immunity (susceptibility) basic standards is the EN 61000-4-xx range ,enumerated below. Each part (up to 34 right now) describes an essential test phenomena and the associated test method. These standards are not suitable for compliance declarations, and are mainly used by test houses to describe a typical test setup.

EMC at ce-test, qualified testing bv

ce-test, qualified testing has extensive experience in EMC testing to and beyond the standards. We have been known to solve touch problems in larger systems as well provide simple solutions for common problems. Our consultancy staff will make sure that you will meet the minimum requirements according to the standards, or will lead you to full "due diligence" compliance letting you make the decision. Get to the market fast at minimum costs, or get a "hardened" EMC compliant design that will prove itself within the compliance future framework and in the field.

Our customers know how we work and come back not only to learn about EMC compliance matters, but also because we may show you how knowledge of RF frequency technology on PCB level can improve system performance and lead to lower design and production costs. We are electronic designers with and for you.

We may provide immunity solutions for 3 and 10, 30 V/m  and more for house hold and industrial applications and can test your equipment up to 200 V/m in specific frequency ranges that are known to cause problems. The introduction of terrestrial TV broadcasting brought us interference field strengths of 1V/m allover the residential areas and much higher field strengths close to antenna base stations.

EMC testing costs

The costs of a standard EMC test suite to a set of applicable harmonic standards depends on many factors. Some standards require testing to 18 GHz, other stop at 1 GHz. As several tests need to be repeated on any connected/used cable, the number of cables has a substantial impact on emc-testing costs. Automotive standards are more expensive due to high levels and their complex test set-up. Tests for professional audio have much more immunity phenomena than ordinary IT equipment. If your product has multiple modes of operation, an analysis need to be carreid out in each of them (think of battery charge / normal operation).

A typical EUT test may vary between 2000 and 7500 Euro's including report, limited re-testing and technical advice.

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EMI = ElectroMagnetic Interference
EMC= Electromagnetic Compatibility

Antenna's used to cover a receive range from 30 MHz to 18 GHz.