Ce-test: consultants in EMC & Electrical Safety

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The Problems you may be dealing with:

As we have physical access to all available standards world wide, we can quickly provide you with in depth information about the suitability of any standard.

Legal Advise concerning the European Directives.

Technical Consultancy: let us solve your problems:

CE-test :consultants in Product Quality Assessment

Our extensive experience in EMC and Electrical Safety testing has shown us that great improvements in product reliability, usability, operations and performance can be achieved using our test methods. 
In addition to that, design and evaluation techniques exist that may lead to  "a better product"

P.Q.A. : Product Quality Assessment

We have listed over 35 fields of interest that a electronic product design should have successfully passed before such product is able to have commercial success. Some of these are EMC and Electrical safety , the core of our business. Other fields are for example: 

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P.Q.E.  Product Quality Enhancement

We may assess your product on many of these fields and create a report with recommendations towards a better product, with better chances, less field failures , less required service, and more satisfied customers !

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