Compliance testing

ce-test offers a wide range of product certification services to show the  compliance of your product with miscellaneous EC directives:

Our way of doing CE

The ce-test approach is based on four -time an money saving- design and test factors:

1. Catch the evident

If you are early enough we may help you catch the evident EMC / Safety failures that slip into any design by analyzing your circuit diagrams, PCB layouts and build. Risk factors to failure may be excluded even before the 1st prototype.

2. Speed of service

We may provide you with a 48 hour quote and our testing queues are as short as 10-15 days. In addition we serve priority express services. Our comprehensive lab states are available electronically in pdf format immediately upon test completion.

3. Expertise

We know your product, your industry and quality standards. On failure we can suggest modifications to your product to solve the failures.To us EMC is an engineering skill, not a trial & error game.

A fully equipped work bench is available to you to try out any on-the-fly modifications and then continue testing.

4. Convenience

Save time and money by our one stop service for EMC and Safety testing in one procedure. The combination of safety and EMC testing in one test location creates synergy in both time and money. Many EMC measures needed to achieve compliance may affect product safety, and the same is valid for safety testing. By keeping the 2 in one hand, conflicts will be coped with immediately.

How do we work if you are remote:

Upon reception of your order / equipment we will investigate your equipment to detect early failures.  If required we will send you a modification proposal FREE of CHARGE. This report will also notify you of possible future modifications in the applicable standards for your product.


(1) and (2) mean that our test procedure may start with some (small) modifications of your equipment to be carried out.  This saves you both time (failing tests) and therefore extra testing fees. We will not wait to tell you until all tests are done, and then recharge you for full re-testing.

Following that EMC-testing starts. At any stage when a problem arises we will send you a briefing and add proposals for modification. If you want us to, we can (temporarily) modify your equipment so as to pass a test in such way that these modifications can be implemented easily later in your final product. Sometimes however, if modifications are extensive, a new product needs to be shipped to us.

Upon finalization of the tests, we will create an extensive test report compliant to ISO 17025 for you, containing the test results, Without complete and accurate documentation a test report has little value !