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Use the "CE" SYMBOL under Windows 95 - to W10

The ce-mark

The lay-out of the ce mark is strictly defined, and it's application is allowed only when it's is drawn correctly and follows strict guidelines in size and type.

The ce symbol has to be used on the equipment itself, in such a manner that it cannot be easily removed. The minimum size is 5 mm. (0.2"). Only if your equipment is too small, or the usage of a sign is incompatible with the function of your equipment, it may be used on any accompanying documentation.

Be careful:  Using the ce symbol makes you responsible for the compliance of the equipment it is adhered to. Not only for any directive you were aware of, but also for the ones you forgot.

cemark.gif (665 bytes)

True Type Font

To help our customers in correctly applying the ce-mark, we have created a True Type Font version of the ce-mark.

CE markVector version

CE-markBitmap version

As you may see above, the bitmap-type  of representations have limitations to resolution and details. A fully scalable font (Trye Type Font) does not have this restrictions and can be used in any size, from 4  up to 2000 points if you require it. Our ce-font was created using a professional drawing editor in vector format, using real scalable elements. True type fonts can be used in drawing programs, text editors and presentation programs. You may select it in any available color, and even use it as a background in your ce-marking presentations.

 You may use our font to create lay-outs for :

  • Type designation plates
  • User manuals
  • Customs documentation
  • Packing material and shipping boxes.
  • Safety manuals and Installation / Service manuals
  • Advertisements
  • Presentations
  • in every application Windows is used !


This True Type Fonts is easy to install under Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP/VISTA/Windows7 . Just copy the ".ttf" file into your system root (c:\) directory and use Windows font utility (configuration menu : add fonts ) and  you are ready to use it. You may alternately open the c:\windows/font directory and just drop the font file into it (Vista/W7).

Type designation plate

An example of a simple type reference plate for an electrical piece of equipment.

Equipment type reference with ce mark



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