CE marking related products


We sell a number of ce marking related symbols, both as Bitmap as well as in TrueType and/or OpenType version. (Click here for an overview)

EMC Standard selection

We provide a service in selecting the right harmonized EMC standard for your product. Included is all necessary background information to successfully create your documentation.


We provide downloadable versions of the lastest (and obsolete) versions of the European Directives, concerned with electrical and electronic applications.

Lists of harmonized standards

We provide Lists of applicable hamronized standards (both recent and obsolete verisons) with a consise explantory document to help you understand the meaning of the dates and references.


Install a CE / e  mark True Type Font 
on your Windows PC

The CE mark in True Type Font file. Includes the e-mark for the Automotive Directive. (more information)

Order:  here

EC Declaration of Compliance

Ready to use DoC for EMC-directive and Low Voltage Directive, or as a generic example for many other directives.

The EC Declaration of Conformity (DoC). Order:   here