TBR-21 / CTR 21 test suite

TBR 21 establishes the minimal technical interface requirements for terminals (except simple telephones) to access the European market. The corresponding decision of the Council of the European Union, commonly designated CTR 21, gave the necessary legal value to the ETSI document. Dated 20 July 1998, CTR 21 is the formal recognition of this 1st step (decision 98/482/EC, published 4 August 1998 in the Official Journal of the European Communities, L 216/8).


For your analog modem or phone to cooperate in all European phone networks, compliance with TBR-21 is an essential requirement. This is important, as dial tones, voltages and call progress tones frequencies, timing and duration vary among most member states. A common set of requirements guarantees decent network cooperation, and a set of National Deviations allows for your equipment to predict reliable operation on local markets.

TBR-21 is concerned with the technical aspects of the TTE/PSTN interface:


ce-test has the equipment to test your analog equipment according to the requirements of TBR-21 and all national deviations. In combination with our LVD and EMCD services we may provide you  with a true one stop compliance solution for all your PSTN equipment.

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